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To submit an application to Mount Ida College, please complete all of the following sections and select Submit Application. There is no need for a User Name and Password, at this time. Supporting documents must be submitted separately to complete the application process.

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  1. This application is for undergraduate admission only.
Personal Information
  1. (no dashes or spaces)
Address Information
    Please enter a Home and Mailing address. Your Primary address should be first.

Contact Information
  1. Phone Type Phone Number Country Primary
    (no dashes or spaces, only numbers)
Demographic Information
Ethnicity and Race Information
  1. Are you of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity or descent? Yes No
    Select one or more races with which you identify yourself:
    American Indian or Alaska Native
    Black or African American
    Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Citizenship Information
  1. For international students, please provide the name and email address of the Agent who assisted with your application.
Academic Information
  1. . Full Time / Part Time?
  1. Sports that interest you
Campus Housing Preference
  1. Resident means you will be living on campus.
Education History
  1. Please provide information on ALL schools attended (high schools and colleges). To add multiple institutions, please use Add Another Institution to the right.

  2. Institutions


    1. Search
  3. If you completed the GED or were homeschooled, please indicate which one, and the date of completion (and certifying school or organization for homeschooling, if applicable):
Extracurricular Information
  1. Please list your extracurricular activities in the space below. Transfer students, please list any current activities/experiences; your resume may also be included as an attachment to this application.
  2. Are you currently employed?
  3. Have you received any awards (school, city, club, scholarship, etc)?
  4. Are you involved in student clubs, organizations, or extracurricular activities?
  5. Are you involved in community service or volunteer activities?
  6. Have you held any leadership or officer positions in any activities?
Disciplinary History
  1. Have you ever been suspended for a period of time or expelled from any secondary or post-secondary institution?
  2. Have you ever been charged with, or convicted of, a misdemeanor, felony, or other crime? (Note that you are not required to answer “yes” to this question, or provide an explanation, if the criminal adjudication or conviction has been expunged, sealed, annulled, pardoned, destroyed, erased, impounded, or otherwise ordered by a court to be kept confidential.)
  3. If you answered “yes” to either or both questions, please provide the approximate date of each incident, explanation of the circumstances, and a reflection of what you learned from the experience. Please submit an additional separate attachment if there is not enough space below. Note: Applicants are expected to immediately notify the College should there be any changes to the information requested in this application, including disciplinary history.
Family Information
  1. Please provide parent/guardian information.

  2. Family Information

Parent/Guardian Address
  1. Please provide the contact information for one parent/guardian including their address along with their email and phone number:
First Choice
Optional Programs
  1. The Student Achievement Program (SAP) is an optional, fee-for-service program that offers students the opportunity to receive additional support beyond the academic support services Mount Ida offers to all students. The extra fee for this optional program pays for an assigned learning specialist who works with the student one-on-one and in small groups to build on strengths, identify strategies, and establish a clear pathway to achievement in the major field of study. SAP provides a menu of services that includes outreach and case management, and activities that foster overall student development in the areas of executive skills, study strategies, test-taking, time management, self-advocacy, and stress management.
School Policy
  1. Select "I accept" to confirm that you have read and fully understand the terms and conditions set forth in our Application Policy

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